Tuesday, 21 October 2014

My fave lipstick at the moment♥

Ive been trying out a lot of different lipsticks a lately. This one I've had a good couple of months but haven't wore it that much. But a couple of weeks ago I rediscovered it and fell in love with it  again its such a pretty colour. Stays on my lips for ages even if I've had a drink or eaten its still stays on my lips. It has a very slight shimmer to it but it doesn't stand out to much as over glittery its just a nice hint
                                           REVLON COLOUR BURST LACQUER BALM
I love the shiny pink packaging of this product

The result of the colour on my lips if your wondering the colour is 115 Whimsical (Buy here in whimsical)  what do you think to this lipstick let me know in the comments

Monday, 20 October 2014

How to make mondays happy ♥

Monday's are normally a day everybody hates right? but I honestly think why cant  it just be the same as any other day. I always hated Mondays having the weekend going out shopping or  the cinemas then school Monday. But I think there's ways of turning it around for the good. Also its best to know how to start your day of happy then your ready for the day.

Make the most of the weekend
Saturday and Sunday are time of from school or work college or uni. So make the most of it and have fun go out don't be stuck in bored because you will regret it when your back to school stuck in a classroom its nice to go to school/work/college/uni with a nice thing to talk about the weekend which will instantly put you in a good mood and get rid of the Monday blues

Start your Monday right
You do not want to start your Monday of forever yawning or feeling exhausted so make sure you get enough sleep to start your Monday of the best way. When your tired your cranky and find it hard to be in a happy positive mood. You want to turn up feeling fresh and happy then you will find the day will fly by!

Think positive about Monday
Sundays are normally the days where your think uh school/work tomorrow I don't want to go.
But instead of thinking like that think of the happy things about that. With school it might be seeing your friends planning to meet up at the weekend or after school. With work it could be looking forward to the money and be happy that you have a job and your out earning money (feel proud of yourself). In the morning (this helps me) put some music on or listen to your headphones before or while your getting ready! this makes you feel happier and I bet you will be singing and dancing in no time

Get rid of the stress and be organized
Instead of being one of those people who leaves everything till last minute make sure you have your course work/ homework or anything you need for school/work ready DONT LEAVE HOMEWORK/COURSWORK TO THE NIGHT BEFORE AS SOON WHENYOU GET IT PLAN ON DOING IT STRAIGHT AWAY! Its best to be organized and ready for the day ahead

Look forward to the next weekend and plan it
Be happy about the next weekend coming up and plan something with your friends its always nice to have something to look forward to. You've worked hard at school all week so its nice to have some fun and socialize

Make an effort with your makeup/hair
Its nice to make an effort and feel good about yourself. Don't be in a mad minute rush getting ready plan your wake up and let yourself have plenty of time to look good it will make you feel so much better

                       This is me on a Monday feeling very happy I no longer have the Monday blues

Thankyou for reading let me know if this has helped you in the comments I love to read them

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Weekend summary saturday 18.10.14 ♥

Today has been another good  Saturday I went to have my nails done again I chose a baby pink colour with a black and white zig zag pattern. I'm so obsessed with the colour baby pink at the moment. When I got back home from having my nails done I dyed my hair the same colour just touched it up because my roots were quite bad don't want black roots (haha). Anyway I haven't just sat around at all today. Ive made a promise to my self to keep fit and active so ive started this 15 minute full body toning routine on youtube (youtube is so good for workout videos). You may think 15 minutes is that it but it is quite intense but I made it through it and feel happy with my self. Tomorrow im also going swimming as it the best exercise you workout every muscle . I just want to stay fit and healthy and stay in shape. I'm going to be starting yoga to as its supposed to be very relaxing and extremely good for you
After having my nails done I bought a couple of things I bought this black and white jumper
with a white layered  shirt underneath then I bought this baby pink scarf which is so cute and a cup with
a pug on it because I love pugs

whats your Saturday been like have you been up to much let me know in the comments

Friday, 17 October 2014

The best foundation ever ♥

Theres so many foundations out today whether that be a drugstore or highend. I've been looking for a good foundation that's got a great coverage and just lives up to its name. Having heard so much about mac in the blogging world i thought its about time i give it ago my self and let me tell you something im so glad i did. I can honestly say i will never go to any other foundation again i love how it makes my skin look flawless and blemish free. Any spots are instantly concealed which is perfect for when you have  a spot what just wont go.

The name is mac studio fix fluid with a spf 15
I have this foundation in the colour nw18 its honestly the best foundation ive ever had
it makes my skin look flawless. I have tried so many foundation I haven't been satisfied with one as I am with the mac

the bottle (not the greatest picture I apologize)

 Overall I absolutely love this foundation and would recommend it to everyone the colour matches my skin so well ( I would defiantly advice you to ask the people at the counter to match you up with the right shade because they know what there doing)   

                                 Would you try this foundation let me know in the comments

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Like the naked 2 pallete but its not ♥

When i saw this eye shadow palette i straight away fell in love with it. The colour range from bronzey to nude i love them. Whether you want to create a smokey eye look or a casual every day look this palette has it all. I've heard a lot about this palette in other blogs but never seen it around until i saw it in my local asda for £5 bargain or what!. It looks so much like the urban decay naked 2 palette the colours and everything or more a less the same.

Here is the naked 2 palette now look to the next picture is my w7 palette
look how similar they are 
The colours are ever so pretty as you can see its already had quite a lot of use out of it 

Colours in side the palette 

The colours  i didn't put buff on my arm because its white and it doesnt show up to well on camera
1. Camel  2. sand 3. Dust 4. Chocolate 5. Topaz
6.Earth 7.Storm 8.silk 9.wave 10.Thunder
11. Onyx

What do you think of this eye shadow palette let me know in the comments

Is this my new fave fashion mag?♥

Since company magazine has ended I've been on the look for  a new fashion magazine t take its place. But i have been really struggling there is quite a lot of fashion magazines out there but none really was what i was looking for. So its been quite a long time since I've had a fashion magazine , that is until last night i discovered this new fashion magazine called HELLO! fashion as we all know HELLO! is a really well known magazine. And now they have brought a fashion magazine all about fashion which is great news. And even better its only £1! what a bargain so i thought is this too good to be true but i tried it. Did you like it? you ask well yes i really did i loved reading it.
I thought i would include a few images of my favourite pages inside the magazine.
The front cover 

I loved the section on capes they included some gorgeous capes
I love this cape its so unusual

Because everybody owns a parka 


Because i'm obsessed with pastel colours there so pretty

can i buy all of these

A little bit of beauty

I also love the added beauty pages this eye look is so pretty

so what do you think of this fashion mag would you go and buy it let me know in the comments

Monday, 13 October 2014

list of things ♥

Today has been a long boring day the weather has been so miserable so i couldn't go out and take some pictures or anything like that. But because i said i want to put a blog post up every day i had to think about what to post. Which was very hard because there was no inspiration at all. So I've been keeping lists and one was things i want to achieve so why  not post a blog post about it.

1♥. I would like to class my self as a fairly healthy person but i really want to start exercising. I don't want to loose weight I just want to stay healthy. So ive decided to start yoga which is very relaxing and great for your body it keeps you nice and supple

2♥.  I've made a  pledge to drink lots of water as it so good for you. It benefits everything skin,hair,nails and just general well being. Since i have been drinking only water ive seen a massive improvement in my skin.

3♥. Wake up in the morning in a good mood feel positive and don't let things get you mad or down keep smiling (this is a good advice for me because i am not a morning person)

4♥.  I'm making a promise to blog everyday (its going to be hard but its something i'm willing to do)

5♥. Going on to beauty now i want to start to experiment with eye shadow I've been wanting to wear it for ages but never bought any i finally have and i love wearing it

6♥. Try to get out doors more and take some nice pictures for my blog

7♥. Don't be shy be confident to speak to people

8♥. Try to be happy everyday and don't get in a bad mood about things

9♥.  Spend more time improving my maths i'm not really bad at it but there are some areas i need to improve so i am going to start revising a lot more to get my grade as high as i can

10♥.  Don't underestimate yourself. ( i do this a lot i always think that i cant do things and I've finally realized  its the wrong attitude to have you cant be good at something straight away it takes time)

    I thought i would share this list with you because maybe you have some things you want to achieve we might even have some in common let me know what you think of this post in the comments  i love reading them I've been at college all day today the joys what has your day been like?

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