Friday, 19 December 2014

Blogmas day 19 | My top hair tools

Hello welcome to Blogmas day 19 I'm so sorry for not getting a post up yesterday I hope this makes up for it. I was very busy and had a lot of things to do. But I made it my top priority to get one up today. Anyway I love everything to do with hair I love seeing new products and tools. So I was going through my collection of hair tools and thought I would pick out some of my favourites. It may give you a few ideas for a new look.

Andrew barton crimper. I love this for summer it gives your hair  a lovely crimped look. Just get a strand a hair at a time and clamp the tool at the top of the hair and work your way to the bottom easy!


I love my Remington curling wand to achieve pretty spiral curls.
This product is amazing for giving you a professional blow dried look at home. Instead of having a brush and a hair dryer this is all in one how amazing
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GHD hair straighteners I couldn't live without them they make my naturally curly frizzy hair tame able straight and shiny! also I love my Ghds to create big bouncy curls

What do you think to these hair tools let me know in the comments
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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Blogmas day 17 | A must have product for coloured hair!

Hello everyone and welcome to blogmas day 17. Can you believe Thursday is Christmas day its getting really exciting now. Instead of me just going on i'm going to get right into the post. So i discovered this shampoo and conditioner a couple of weeks ago. And love them if you have coloured hair i would highly reccomend these. They enhance your  colour instead of making it dull like other shampoos and conditioners. Since using this i think my colour has become so much brighter and better. I love how intense and rich my colour looks again. Its great when your hair is dulling but you don't want to dye it. It also leaves your hair really shiny and soft with the argan oil and cranberry.

My hair today. It looks so shiny:)
Would you try these let me know in the comments
.                                                                                 love,
                                                                                           lauren x
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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Blogmas day 16 | Im so happy with my blog!

Hello and welcome to blogmas day 16 today I feel like a chatty post more writing for you to read. And I really hope you enjoy it:). Anway as  you know this is my first ever Christmas blogging so I have been pretty brave to do blogmas. Seen as I haven't had my blog that long. But I just decided to do it and im really glad I have. I think I would of regretted not doing Blogmas. And it will be nice to look back at.
So thinking back to before I had this blog!
I always wanted to start a blog I had so many ideas in my head on what to post. I was always reading other peoples and wishing I could do it myself. Of course I could but there was always a voice in the back of my head telling me not to. Which is so silly because its something I want to do. I always thought that people might laugh or find it stupid. But honestly now I don't think at the negatives one little bit. I think more about the positives on my blog. I love that I'm free to write what ever I like when I ever I like. Its nice to have my own little place on the web. Where my personality is expressed. I love getting comments they make ever so happy but when I first started I never really thought about comments,followers and views. I was just so happy that I had the confidence to put up my posts. But now I'm slowly getting more followers it has made me very happy. To know people are reading your blog and enjoying it. Is the best feeling ever.

I love this blog and i'm really happy about how its turned out. When I picture what it looked like at the beginning its crazy to see how much its changed for the good. I have improved my skills and I now know about HTML codes took me ages but I got it in the end! I think having my blog has gave me a whole lot of confidence to. And its good practice for the future if I want to become a journalist. My advice to anybody who is thinking about starting a blog is to say just go for it. You never know unless you try. You don't want to live your life forever thinking what if! Thank you for following and reading my blog it means so much to me.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post let me know what you think in the comments
                                                                             lauren x
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Monday, 15 December 2014

Blogmas day 15 | Soap&glory Body wash

Hello and welcome to Blogmas day 15 it's getting ever so close to the big day now. Isn't it so exciting? I have to admit i will honestly miss blogmas. Being able to post every single day and having the festive spirit. I dont want December to end its my favourite month!
Today i thought i would let you in to my most loved beauty item. Its not a big shock when i say i love soap&glory to everyone who knows me because i blabber on about it all the time. I love introducing people to soap&glory because its so good. I love the scents and products they just never disappoint to bring out a good product. Whether its Makeup or skincare or even hair care you know its going to be AMAZING with soap&glory.Today its all about their body washes which are just beautiful. Firstly they come in 500ml bottles which seem to last forever. And they make your skin squeaky  clean and soft also they give you a lovely scent. Fresh and clean.

These are the two i am loving they both have very different scents but i love them both. Its nice to mix and match instead of sticking to the same product everyday.

 This is a almond scent its a scent what is a lot less in your face than the sugar crush. It lathers so well and it moisturizes your skin.
I love this scent but it isn't for everyone it reminds me of a sherbet sweet. I smell this and it smells like a sweet shop to me. It claims to be energy boosting and i honestly think its true this also lathers amazingly and leaves your skin feeling nice and soft

What do you think to soap and glory let me know in the comments
                                                                      lauren x
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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Blogmas day 14 | Bye Bye Make up wipes

Hello and welcome to blogmas day 14 this month is going ever so quick. It feels only like yesterday i was writing blogmas day 1. A lately everybody is talking about Micellar water, don't worry if you're thinking what is that. That is what i thought at first but im so glad i came across this product its my holy grail skin care product. With make up wipes drying out your skin and just causing more and more damage. I was on the look for something quick to remove but also benefits my skin. And i found it this is a cleansing water so it not only takes of your make up it cleanses and tones your face all in one product. Its that gentle you can use it around your eyes!

I would never go back to using make up wipes again this is just as quick but 
so much better for your skin. Since using this i can honestly say my skin has
improved massively i have had no spots so far (touch wood) 

Would you ditch the make up wipes for Micellar water let me know in the comments
lauren x 
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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Blogmas day 13 | Tips on how to fake tan.

Hello and welcome to blogmas day 13. Today i thought i would share my fake tanning tips with you. As all the Christmas and New years parties are coming up. Don't worry if you haven't just come of holiday from a really hot country we can just cheat that look. I love fake tan it makes you feel better about your self. It gives a lovely glow to ghostly white skin making you look lovely and sun kissed. And lets be honest we all want that gorgeous just come of holiday skin,even though it's winter we still want to look glowing and tanned. Especially for parties when you have to show of your legs.

PREP THE SKIN  BEFORE APPLYING THE TAN!  This is a big one you need to take this time to prep the skin so it looks the best. First you want to remove any unwanted hair so take this time to shave your legs, wax or use hair removal cream which ever you prefer. You want soft hair free skin to go with that gorgeous tan. Exfoliate your skin in the shower this is a must no matter what skin type you have its the best thing to do. To remove dead skin focus on the rough spots like elbows and knees! I always reccomend to  moisturize after exfoliating too for extra soft skin. Remember if you have dry skin the fake tan is just going to stick to those patches and make it look a mess.

GIVE YOUR SELF TIME FOR THE APPLICATION DON'T RUSH IT!  You do not want you'r tan to be a 10 minute rush job it will show in the results as a streaky mess. Take your time the results will be much better. Don't put fake tan on quickly before you go out do it the night before. Because you wake up the next day and it is really dark but what you do is go in the shower and let the water take of the build up fake tan. Then it goes a natural sunkissed colour don't panic thinking you are going to look like you've been tangoed.

WHAT FAKE TAN TO USE?  This all depends on what result you are wanting i have tried more a less every fake tan out there. So if your going on a night out and you want the results quick with out waiting to build it up i would reccomend mousse its the best fake tan kind i love it. I apply it at  the night. Then go in the shower the next day and it looks lovely.
If your wanting a hint of colour without going full on tanned straight away a gradual tan is your best option. I love gradual tan i use it in winter. Just apply it everyday until your happy with the colour the best thing is its a moisturizer too!
I wouldn't reccomend spray tan because it is so hard to do and a lot of mess. The only time i would reccomend them is if you are going to a salon to have it done.

1. Fake tan mitt you need this to apply the tan (buy one here at feel unique)
2. Exfoliating gloves to remove dead skin and make applying the tan smoothly it makes the results so much better (Buy here from feel unique)
3. After exfoliating you want to keep up the soft skin i would reccomend cocoa butter (Buy here from feel unique)


1. Vita Liberata this gives such a beautiful result £22.50 (Buy here from feel unique)
2. St moriz fake tan i always get the colour medium gives results more a less straight away great price good results £4.99 (Buy here from feel unique)

1. St Tropez Gradual tan £12.15 (Buy here from feel unique)
2. Garnier summerbody gradual tan £5.10 i get the colour deep (Buy here from feel unique)

What do you think to wearing fake tan let me know in the comments
                                                                        lauren x
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Friday, 12 December 2014

Blogmas day 12 Makeup of the day

Hello welcome to blogmas day 12 today i thought i would show you what i wear on my face. On a regular basis. I have been wearing this look mostly everyday its pretty simple nothing complicated at all anybody can do this. Im not one of those girls  who can do super amazing  makeup looks. But im learning more and more. I used to find putting liquid eyeliner a real challenge one eye is perfect and the other wonky and a mess. So with a lot of practice i mastered it! and im very happy. I can do a neat  thin line with out looking like a full panda (YAY me!)

 I have been loving these two lipsticks together i first put the baby lips lipstick to my lips. To give a subtle hint of pink and make my lips nice and hydrated. Then i apply the revlon laquer balm. It calms the pink lipstick down because on its own its very bright.

Make up used   Foundation: maybelline dream matte mousse  Eyeliner: Rimmel liquid liner
lipstick Baby lips in pink punch and revlon laquer balm in Whimsical Boujois bronzer
and i used my w7 in the buff palette for eyeshadow i just applied the colour 'Dust' to the lids mascara is YSL

What do you think of my make up look let me know in the comments
                                                                            lauren x
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